Interlude: Sit Tight

As you might be able to gather by the fact that this entry doesn't begin with "To Whom it May Concern," I was able to make it down Mount Kilimanjaro safely, soundly, and successfully. Additionally, through a refresh of my computer, (an admittedly painful process), I'm able to connect to the Internet, and thus to Blogger, correctly again. Now, I was intending on posting my very first multimedia entry regarding Kilimanjaro (because I took videos of myself, and I really didn't want to have to rewrite it all). The irony is, it seems the Internet in Tanzania, while existent, is too slow for such things. For example, using the WiFi in my hotel, I can download a 5MB an hour. And my video, being two hours long, is in the gigabytes range. So it probably would still be going when my flight left. Instead of transcribing everything (because even making the video was time and effort), I'm just going to wait until I get some (hopefully) decent WiFi in South  Africa.

Not too much has happened in the meantime, so don't fret. I'll be back before you know it!

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