Are these actually frequently asked questions?
No, I wrote these when I started the site, well before anyone asked me anything. But let's roll with it.

What's with the name "The Wandering Loon"?
Originally, I wanted to call it "Hither and Thither", but somebody already did that. I realize that doesn't actually prevent me from using the same name, but I have both a personal sense of honor and a raging need to have a unique URL to fulfill. As far as the name I am using, it actually comes from a graphic novel I'm in the middle of writing, which has a traveling performer troupe called the Wandering Loons. I felt it worked.

I'm a cool guy and I want to give you money. How can I do that?
Genuinely appreciated. There's a Support page where you can donate either to my eat-another-day fund or to some other, more worthy, causes.

Are you really a jerk/jackass/jerkass?
Most people say I'm a good person. They don't know what they're talking about.

Why are you traveling the world?
I talk about that mostly on my About page. There's also a picture of me by a waterfall. It wasn't from this trip, but waterfalls are pretty.

What will you be doing while you're traveling?
I'll be just visiting some places, maybe do something challenging in others. And doing volunteer work in others. My overriding philosophy, if you want to call it that, is to experience.

How much of your itinerary is figured out?
As of the writing of this, the first five months. I'll be heading to Morocco via Madrid for 3 weeks, about 5 days in Italy, Kenya for a couple weeks, and then I'll be volunteering at an orphanage in Tanzania for three weeks, after which I'd spend a little over a week climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and then fly down to South Africa to volunteer at a wildlife refuge for a full two months.

Wait, so you're going to be stationary (i.e. not traveling) for as much as two months and also be in places where there is no Internet?

Wow, this sounds like it'll be the worst travel blog ever written.
Quite possible.

If I have any actual questions that you didn't assume I would ask, where can I do that?
There's a comment section below, so feel free to ask there. I'll answer it, even if I only get it once (though I suppose that is more frequent than never).

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