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Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to take your money, and I will put it to good use (that is to say, my "eat and don't die" fund). But to be clear, no matter how little money I find myself with in some corner of the world, I still am a middle-class white American male. Hence, there's probably someone who deserves it more than me. In any case, before you give me money, here's a couple of organizations I'd recommend donating money to first.

National Resource Defense Council
I'm a relatively active member of the NRDC, who does work in the pursuit of conservation and wildlife preservation. Note a lot of what they do is advocacy and lobbying, so if you prefer to stay away from the political side of this stuff, it may not be for you. But hey, Robert Redford likes it!
This is probably one of the first organizations I ever donated a lot of money to (well, a lot of money for an eighth-grader). They provide a lot of support for numerous countries for health, food, hygene, and emergency response.
Heifer International
While they can go a little bit crazy sending out catalogs throughout the year, Heifer's mission of providing families with animals (and training) that provide them with income and/or food helps promote self-sufficiency for folks in developing nations.
World Wildlife Fund
Aside from confusing me when I was a kid ("Why does a wrestling organization have a panda logo?"), this organization is probably the highest-profile wildlife organization, and I am in favor of anything that provides support for the animal kingdom.
Action Against Hunger (ACF International)
Very focused, but very effective organization, ACF works to help stamp out malnutrition, but also provide lasting solutions to keep it from becoming a problem in the future, and they work pretty much around the globe.

Or, if you have a preferred organization of your own, for any cause, consider donating to them. If nothing else, they'll give you a tax ride-off. I can't.

Having said that, if you still would like to send your money my way, you can use the donate button below. And if you do donate $5 or more, I will send you a postcard from wherever I am in the world at that time! It'll include a personal note, or if you'd prefer, a drawing (I can draw, kinda) of whatever you want! Golly! Just make sure you include a note with your address if you'd like that.

Whatever you decide, you have my most sincere appreciation! Thank you!

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